Esperanza Serrano (University of Malaga) and Jordan Sunborg (U. Stirling) are the champions of the European Universities Golf Championship

Esperanza Serrano (University of Malaga) and Jordan Sunborg (U. Stirling) are the champions of the European Universities Golf Championship



The Scottish university of Stirling, in male category, have also won the team competition and the Abat Oliva CEU could make it as they reached the first place in the last day of the competition.


The intrigue was maintained until the last moment in the VI European Universities Championship which was held these days in Antequera. A magnificent closing competition after a few days of high level that have been played in the Golf course of Antequera.


The first place in the men's category seemed clearer at the start of the fourth and final day, where Jordan Sundborg, from the University of Stirling, confirmed his professionalism in the game by taking the gold with a 288 score card. From the beginning of the second day, the Scottish golfer maintained a very close match with his teammates Colin Edgar and Mark Napier (University of Stirling) and, at the same time, with Juan Agüera (University of Malaga). The silver medal was for Edgar with 295 strokes and the bronze for Napier, who added 297 strokes. The golfer from Malaga Juan Agüera Francos finished fourth just one stroke away from the podium (298).


In the women's category, the duel for the points between Camille Tremoulet (from the University of Toulouse 1 Capitole) and Esperanza Serrano (University of Malaga) was decided for the host team player. The difference has not been very big between the two athletes who have exhibited a high and regular performance from the first moment. Serrano reached the gold thanks to a total of 294 strokes for the 300 of the second classified. Noemi Carpinelli, of the Swiss university of St. Gallen, kept the third place acquired yesterday with a result very similar to that of his rivals; 303 strokes María Piñeiro (Abat Oliba CEU University), with 307 hits, was close to returning to the trio of the best.


By teams, the women's victory fell to the Abat Oliba CEU University, with 618 points in total, one place ahead of Toulouse 1 Capitole that won the silver metal (619) and the bronze one for the University of Malaga (625). On the male side, the triumph was decided towards the side of the Scottish University of Stirling, the great dominator. Jordan Sundborg, Colin Edgar, Mark Napier and Michael Lawrie got a total of 873 points. The second and third places awarded two national teams; silver for the University of Malaga (887) and bronze for the University of Navarra (917).


Closing ceremony

The closing ceremony of the European Universities Golf Championship took place on the terrace of Antequera Hotel. The traditional parade of the athletes opened the event and, after it, the representative of the Executive Committee of EUSA, Jean Françoise Sautereau, and the deputy mayor of Antequera City Council, Alberto Arana and Juan Rosas took the floor.



From EUSA and from the city of Antequera, the players have been congratulated for demonstrating great qualities for playing golf. After the words of the representatives, the delivery of trophies and medals started with the special prizes for the best shots, then the delivery of the individual men's and women's medals and ending with the teams' categories of both modalities. The final touch of the ceremony came with the collection of the EUSA flag under the sounds of the university hymn 'Gaudeamus Igitur'.