All participants in EUC participate at their own risk Each participant requires international health insurance for the duration of the stay in the EUC and must arrange this prior to their arrival at the EUC event.


Neither EUSA nor OC (Organising Committee) will be liable for any costs arising from the failure to follow this regulation. Each participant with special dietary requirement or with a chronic condition/ illness shall communicate all relevant information to the OC in advance, and at the latest during accreditation procedure.


Person with contagious disease cannot be accredited and cannot take part in the EUC. People with disabilities shall communicate the following information to the OC in advance:the contact details of their personal assistant (where applicable), if they are traveling with personal service animal;the nature of any special services required; their most recent classification for the sport in which they are participating (only for athletes).



EUSA is committed to the principles of fair play and upholds the principles of antidoping at all of its events. The GTM (General Technical Meeting and the Draw ) will include information about expectations in regards to antidoping matters.


Where it occurs and where present at EUC, the MC is responsible for ensuring that WADA Regulations on antidoping procedures are adhered to. Any competitor found to test positive on doping control procedure will be excluded from all future EUSA events for the period of (2) years.


In such circumstances a report will be submitted to WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency), University Sport Association and National Sport Federation. EUSA EC may impose additional sanction 



CALL TO 112 IF YOU HAVE A MEDICAL LIFE EMERGENCY If you have an sport injury during the competition there will be a sport and emergency doctor with nurse and sanitary technician to help you. Shunt to hospital in ambulance only under medical criterion.