Arrival & Departure Points


Transfers from the Malaga - Costa del Sol International Airport (Antequera's nearest international airport) to the city of Antequera will be carried out by special buses, according the arrival and departure schedule. At their arrival, the delegations should seek the Official Championship Stand at the baggage reclaim area.


Transfers from Santa Ana High Speed Train Station will also be ensured by the OC.


Delegations arriving in a different way should contact the OC in order to inform us so we could give them the appropriate indications to easily get to the city.


Concerning the internal transport, there will be a shuttle service for transportation of the delegations to/from the accommodation venues. 





In the Malaga - Costa del Sol airport, situated in Malaga, there are 61 international companies operating with scheduled flights connecting Malaga to the main European Union capitals and those of other continents.


The cities which do not yet have a direct connection to Malaga are served from Madrid or Barcelona Airport, where passengers interconnect with a flight whose destination is the capital of the Costa del Sol.


Besides the scheduled flights, there are numerous national and international charter flights.


Otherwise, Antequera is linked to one of the most important network communications in Andalusia. It is necessary only half an hour to get to Antequera from Malaga and 45 minutes from Malaga - Costa del Sol Airport. As for trains, there are three railway stations: Antequera, Bobadilla and Santa Ana. Bobadilla station is one of the main railway junctions of Andalusia and Spain. Santa Ana station connects Antequera with the capital of Spain, Madrid, by high speed train in little more than two hours.